Relationship to the OASSA (OASSP)

In January and February, 1962, the Executive Committees of the Ohio Association of Secondary School Principals and the Ohio Association of Students Councils approved the following statements concerning their relationship to each other. The purpose of this statement was to establish a clearly defined and acceptable policy statement whereby the two organizations could work together.

OASC's Responsibilities to the OASSA (OASSP)

  • To provide opportunities for training student leaders in Ohio High Schools.
  • To provide specific training for advisers in student council work.
  • To provide information and render assistance in discussion at any meeting of the OASSP if requested.
  • To provide the President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Secretary of the OASSP with advance information concerning meetings or other activities of OASC.
  • To keep the individual members of OASSP informed of the work of OASC.
  • To keep other persons informed through announcements in professional publications.
  • To provide speakers, student or adult panels, committee members, written materials, or any other types of assistance to organizations working toward the betterment of Ohio High Schools.
  • To accept for consideration suggestions offered by OASSP.
  • To conduct the business of OASC in an effective and efficient manner.
  • To submit an annual summary report including budget and financial report, to the Executive Committee of OASSP.
  • To keep the Executive Committee of OASSP informed of any Constitutional or policy change of OASC.
  • To provide the representative of OASSP to OASC with information or facts which will assist him in interpreting the aims, activities, and the problems of OASC to OASSP.

OASSA (OASSP)'s Responsibilities to the OASC

  • To encourage understanding and acceptance of the role of the Student Council in Ohio schools.
  • To stress the importance of OASC as a professional organization.
  • To encourage each principals:
  • To clarify and define the area of authority, the role, the purposes, and the responsibility of the student council in his own school.
  • To define the role of the student council adviser, to provide for the furthering of his knowledge of student council work, and to promote his active participation in OASC activities.
  • To maintain an active interest in the activities of the student council in his own school.
  • To urge active membership of his school in the state and national organizations.
  • To attend OASC meetings when appropriate.
  • To be represented by participating in the program at the annual conference of OASC.
  • To co-sponsor meetings in both organizations designed to promote an understanding of the student council, its role, and its problems in the modern secondary school.
  • To provide an opportunity for its members to be informed of the progress of OASC.
  • To assist with the publicity of the activities of OASC.
  • To support OASC by rendering whatever financial assistance is possible when and if needed.
  • To appoint a member of its organization to the Executive Committee of OASC for a specific term (not to be less than two years). The purpose of this office is to provide an effective line of communication and interpretation between the two organizations, and to assume advisory role in matters involving the two organizations. Expenses involved in discharging the responsibilities of this office shall be borne by of OASSA.
  • To determine the salary of, and to approve and appoint the Executive Secretary of OASC from recommendations of the Executive Committee of OASC.
  • From 1953 to 1962 and up to the present, OASC has grown and developed into one of the finest organizations of its kind in the nation with the help of our parent organization, the Ohio Association of Secondary School Principals, now known as the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators.

The Division of Student Activities of the NASSP

The National Association of Secondary School Principals recognized a growing need within their membership. That need was an organization to deal with training all types of school leaders. With that in mind, NASSP formed a student activities division. Its purpose was to coordinate all of the programs and workshops it previously sponsored — among them being the National Association of Student Councils, the National Honor Society, the National Association of Student Activity Advisers, as well as all of their award and recognition programs and activities. DSA coordinates all of the student activity programs sponsored by NASSP. To take advantage of these services, schools need to join DSA. For information on becoming a member, you can contact:

NASSP Division of Student Activities

1904 Association Drive
Reston, Virginia 22091
Phone: (703) 860-0200

Also visit the National Association of Student Councils, NASC, at