In striving to "build a new generation" we will aid our community to aid us all.


Service to others is one of the most important learning factors for leaders. As one does something for another, with the only reward being the satisfaction that another person's life has been made easier, one discovers the nobility of character. Student leaders not only help themselves by their service to others, but also become examples to others as they serve their schools and communities.

OASC recognizes that many Student Council programs already sponsor and participate in various service projects. Our intention with the "Army of Volunteers" is to make this service work known to others.And in so doing encourage even greater participation plus provide ideas for those groups that have not started service work in their Council to date.


Please complete the application form as indicated. Forms will be mailed to schools prior to the State Conference. The form asks for you to submit a detailed explanation of the service work you do. This material is part of the application process. It will be filed and used again as a resource for follow-up requests and information. This is because every project is organized differently - no form could ask all the right questions. In general, the explanation you submit should have a history of how and why you got started into the service project(s). It should detail how you organized it from start to finish.

What does the application need?

  • How many students were involved and the number of hours that were contributed?
  • What were the various jobs and roles?
  • What role did the advisor play in the whole process?
  • How did both the organization and students benefit by your service?
  • Don't forget to include forms you used and sample letters.

Army of Volunteers Award Application