The Five Star Council Award was created to recognize the councils around Ohio who support all of the current OASC programs. Without students attending our Workshops, Retreats and Conferences and without advisors actively involved in our programs, we could not survive. As a result the Five Star Council Award recognizes these schools that financially go beyond what is the norm.


"Stars" are awarded for attendance and involvement at OASC programs. There are seven opportunities for a school to be awarded a star. In order to qualify, a school must earn five stars. Note well, of the five stars earned, One must be for membership and another must be attendance at the OASC State Conference. Councils that qualify for a Five Star Council Award must submit the following form by April 1st. It will be verified by the OASC Office, and special certificates will be awarded at the annual State Conference.

7 Ways for Schools to Earn a Star

* Required
  • A current member of OASC
  • Four delegates attending the current OASC State Conference
  • Paid attendance at the previous Summer Workshops by at least two delegates
  • Four paid delegates attending OASC "Super Saturday" Fall Conference
  • Four paid delegates attending an OASC Retreat
  • Attendance by at least two students at Leadership at the Point
  • Advisor attendance at the Advisor's Retreat

5 Star Council Form