The purpose of the OASC Honor Council Award is to provide state-wide recognition for student councils that maintain and complete objectives and activities for a strong year-round program. Schools that participate in the Honor Council program will be recognized at the State Conference and will be awarded a certificate for display in their school.


Schools must apply using the form included in their annual membership renewal packet. This form must be submitted with the school's Honor Council Book. However, you can get all the information you need to apply and make your Honor Council Book from this webpage.

In order to participate in the Honor Council program, a school must complete and assemble a scrapbook of their student council activities. This webpage and the Honor Council Award Form lists some of the essential elements that successful student councils should have.

Like any scrapbook, it should be a complete record of what your council does. Include pictures, drawings, letters, notes, summaries, examples, etc., to show how you have completed each item, activity or project. It is especially important to include many pictures and to be creative with your Honor Council Book.

Look for the list of requirements for your student council to show in your Honor Council Book to be mailed to your school prior to State Conference. Go through the list and check the items that can be found in your scrapbook. Record the point value listed and indicate the page number where that item can be found in your book. Each item represents a point value. There is no minimum count for any section. The total number of points your school earns will determine your award. The order of the book is not important, only the completion of the items and your marking the page in your scrapbook where it can be found.

The Honor Council Award Has Two Levels:

  • Honor Council With Merit: 98 to 70 Points
  • Honor Council Participant: 69 Points or Less

Electronic scrapbooks can be created using powerpoint, or Google Slides or loaded onto Youtube or other social media site. If you have a different platform you are interested in using please let us know! As long as it can be accessed from various computers, it will not be a problem.
Honor Council Award Application

Click for Honor Council Information and Procedures PDF


Honor Council Books will be displayed at the State Conference. They can be picked up at that time. The Honor Council Book will not be mailed back to any school unless the postage and handling fee is enclosed with your book.

Honor Council Award Form