OASC is proud to sponsor this recognition program for the outstanding student leaders in Ohio. All parts of our society have some type of program to recognize outstanding efforts. We believe it is important to call attention to those students in Ohio schools that give of their time and talents for their school and community. The title of this program is "The All-Ohio Student Council."

Student Council members are special people. They are givers who care about others. Within this group is a smaller group that goes beyond what is required. These are the students who stay that extra hour, who work harder, who say "thanks" more often, who lead by example, and are respected by their teachers and peers. These outstanding leaders are in your Student Council and deserve to be singled out for recognition. We want you to select your outstanding leaders and OASC will recognize them.


To aid you in the selection of the Outstanding Student Council Members, we have developed criteria for you to apply to your members. The standards are high, but we believe it is necessary to recognize the truly outstanding members. Some years you may have members that qualify and other years you will have none. Our goal is to permit you to be the judge. You decide on the individual(s) and as long as they meet all the requirements and you fulfill the guidelines, they will be honored as members of the All-Ohio Student Council. It is our hope that you will select only those people that represent a standard of excellence that puts them above the crowd. Their leadership and guidance have brought new direction, insight, and imagination into your council. In addition, their presence has made the difference in your Student Council because of their years of service.

When using the official application you will be required to fill out general contact information about the student(s) and your school. Signatures from the principal, advisor and student are needed. The advisor must also write 40 to 60 words highlighting the honors and activities of the inductee. Be sure the paragraph is well composed as it could be used in a special publication honoring the All-Ohio Student Council members. This is called the Profile. All parts of the application must be typed. Hand written or improperly filled out applications will not be accepted.

Criteria For Selection

The following criteria must be observed when selecting which and how many students will be All-Ohio Student Council Members.

  • Junior high / middle schools and high schools are eligible to submit students for the All-Ohio Student Council.
  • Schools submitting students must be current members of the Ohio Association of Student Councils.
  • Students must be members of their student Council for the year they are nominated.
  • The number of students eligible to be honored from your Student Council will be based on the following table:
Council Membership Students Eligible
0-10 Members One Student
11-20 Members Two Students
21-30 Members Three Students
31-40 Members Four Students
41 or More Members Five Students


If you need more than the allowable nominations, OASC may grant you an increase. If you desire such an increase, you must submit a written request indicating the number you need and the reasons why you believe an increase is justified. Your written request for an increase must be received by February 15th. Complete the Official Nomination form and Profile sheet for each student. Send a wallet sized photo of the student with their Nomination and Profile Sheet.

All Ohio Student Council Nomination Form