About the OASC

The Ohio Association of Student Councils is a statewide organization designed to help improve and promote the student council program in Ohio's secondary schools. We are sponsored by the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators, and are affiliated with the Division of Student Activities of the National Association of Secondary School Administrators.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that the student council is an educational instrument designed to provide actual learning experiences in leadership and opportunities for practice in the qualities of good citizenship necessary for the effective membership in a democratic society. Our organization is dedicated to the teaching of leadership skills, organizational skills, and people skills valuable to the members and officers of all student organizations.

The Four Basic Purposes of OASC

  • To promote the concept of the modern student council movement.
  • To provide opportunities for the training of leaders, the practice of good citizenship, and the promotion of democracy as a way of life.
  • To provide a medium of exchange for ideas, activities, and problems.
  • To assist individual schools in matters directly related to the student council organization.