The OASL Ambassador award recognizes students who actively participate in OASL events throughout the school year, as well as use their leadership skills to promote OASL and its ideals at their school.

All Ambassadors applicants will receive recognition at State Conference for their efforts in promotion of the organization and outstanding leadership skills. The Ambassador of the Year will have the opportunity to give a speech about what OASL means to them at State Conference. In order to be considered for this year's award, please be sure to complete and submit the application by March 4, 2022.

Please note - your application requires a letter of support from your Club/Group Adviser (or other school official). This letter must be uploaded to this application. Be sure you have it ready when you complete this application as you will not be able to return to the application at a later time. Files may be uploaded as a word document, a pdf file, or a picture/screenshot.