Membership in OASL is by school. When you join, your school becomes a member and receives our various services. Some advisors expressed the desire to "contribute" more to our membership funds. The OASL Executive Board adopted a special membership program with four separate tiers. If your high school or middle school student council is not a member of OASL, join today!


OASL Membership Levels

Our standard annual membership fee is $100.00. Some schools choose to provide an additional donation to their membership dues, thus the Bronze, Silver, and Gold distinction.











Benefits of Being a Member

  • Participation in our Awards programs
  • Use of the OASL Office as a resource service for questions and information
  • Discounted rates for students and adults to attend any of our events
  • Any member of your school can be a part of our program

Thanks to all schools that are current members, your participation is greatly appreciated! If you are a member school, say thank you by encouraging other schools in your district and area to be a part of one of the best character and leadership programs in our state and nation.

Membership Form