The Sister Janice Ernst Ohio/Joseph M. Donovan Advisor of the Year Award is an award given annually to a high school or middle school student club/group advisor based on nominations received. The recipient of this award, if interested, becomes Ohio's nominee for the Warren E. Shull National High School Adviser of the Year Award.

Sister Janice served on the OASC Executive Board and as Executive Director from 1978-1981. Her leadership brought the organization back from a near collapse. She served as the director for all High School programs. In this role, she rebuilt and reorganized the staff for all programs. Without Sister Janice's skills and passion for OASC, it is likely we would not be here today.

Joe is remembered for his many years of dedicated service to OASC's Middle Level programs. He served 3 terms on the Executive Board, and assisted with administrative duties for Middle Level programs for nearly 20 years. Joe was dedicated to providing his students with the opportunity to participate in both state and national Student Council events. His knowledge and willingness to help were instrumental during the transition from one Middle Level Coordinator to the next. Joe earned the love and respect of everyone who came to know him. In 1993, Joe was awarded the first Meritorious Service Award given by OASC. His quiet leadership and attitude of service truly distinguished him as a very special man.


Please fill out and submit this award application by March 4, 2022 to be considered eligible for the 2021-2022 school year.